What I’m Reading: Tapestry of Fortunes

Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg

If the intriguing title doesn’t tempt you enough, all you have to do is crack the cover to be immediately pulled into this heartwarming yet also complex portrait of ordinary life. Once you start I can guarantee you will not want to leave the characters until the story is finished-I read it in one sitting! The story reads very easily thanks to the author’s fluid and down-to-earth writing style.  Berg writes so subtly that you hardly realize the gravity of some of the delicate topics she touches. Never before have I read an author who can so accurately capture the smallest nuances of everyday life and put into words feelings you never realized you’ve experienced until you relive them again in her story. I cannot believe that I have stumbled upon Elizabeth Berg so “late” in my reading life and am anxious to get my hands on one of the many other novels written by this New York Times bestselling author-do you have any suggestions?

Friendship between women, family, love, death, adventure-Tapestry of Fortunes touches on so many of life’s greatest mysteries that it becomes hard to categorize this story into one “theme”. However, my biggest take away from  this novel was the powerful and uplifting message that it is never too late for ANYTHING- be it making new friends, finding love, restarting a career or virtually restarting your entire life. I especially experienced a moment of pause reading the following:

Already I’ve seen that when you’re pulled away from your normal routine, it’s as though air and sunlight come into your brain and do a little housecleaning. A lifting up of what’s been practically rusted into place to reveal something else, a thing that makes you understand the origin of the phrase new and exciting, a phrase usually offered with irony, in order to hide the longing. (172, Berg)

Reading this story you will make new friends with the characters (all of whom are completely realistic in their flawed humanness), join them on an invigorating adventure breaking away from everyday life and finish feeling inspired and renewed about the beauty and possibilities in your own life. Who doesn’t want to read a book that can do that!?

If you have not read her work yet, don’t miss out on Elizabeth Berg’s amazing storytelling like I had been all of these years. To get your copy of Tapestry of Fortunes today from Amazon, click here.