The Most Beautiful Gluten-Free French cookbook-EVER!

Le meilleur de la cuisine sans gluten

The title of this gorgeous French cookbook translates to “The Best of Gluten-Free Cuisine”. How I couldn’t agree more! Overflowing with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets and fancy desserts, this cookbook delivers a fresh, French take on gluten-free cooking.

What’s more, this cookbook is a feast for the eyes. Each page is a work of art with full-page, beautifully photographed dishes. I would argue that this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cookbooks I’ve ever read. Makes sense -French things are always so pretty!

Gluten-Free French cookbook

But wait! What about the language?

What I like about this cookbook is that it is straightforward-no fancy descriptions of the meals-just an ingredient list and simple instructions. If you have a fair level of French reading comprehension you should be able to follow along just fine. If not, with the help of google translate (though here the language teacher in me is cringing) you should be able to figure things out pretty easily.

Terrible with languages? That’s ok too!

If you really have no interest in translating a recipe, this cookbook makes for a stunning coffee table book and is a great way to impress your snobby friends. “Oh, you vacation in Monaco do you? Well I read cookbooks in French in my spare time.”

What Makes this Cookbook Unique

Gluten-Free French cookbookWhat I love about this cookbook is its subtle European flare found in the ingredients and cooking methods. For example, you will find a lot more of European favorites such as ricotta, dates and pistachios in the ingredient lists and encounter several desserts which use meringue as a base.

Sometimes when people think of French cooking (myself included) they simultaneously think “difficult”. This cookbook dissolves this misconception by providing simple, healthy dishes ranging from easy pasta dinners and quinoa salads to breakfast frittatas and éclairs.

Another added bonus? Many of the recipes are allergen sensitive with nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free and vegetarian options.

Le meilleur de la cuisine sans gluten

I feel so lucky to have been given this gem of a cookbook as a gift during my last trip to France. To celebrate this cookbook I will translate/adapt and share a recipe for easy crêpes next week-be sure to check back soon! À bientôt!


To own your own copy of Le Meilleur de la Cuisine Sans Gluten, purchase from Amazon here.

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