Photo from a trip to Hallstatt, Austria. An absolute must-see fairy tale village and UNESCO World Heritage region

Hello friends and welcome to Global Gluten-Free! My name is Anna and I am so happy you have stopped by to join me on my adventure of exploring gluten-free food from around the world!

Do you remember that magical feeling when you were a kid when every day was an adventure with something new to discover? That’s how I feel about food! Whether it’s feeling invigorated by finding a new and challenging recipe, rejoicing at having discovered the best hole-in-the-wall local restaurant or mystifying our taste buds with exotic flavors, food has the power to make us feel young and curious again and excited to explore this great world we live in!

If you can’t already tell, I love food. I love to go out to eat, share meals with family and friends and experiment with cooking and baking. I also love to travel-whether it’s “virtually” by meeting people of other cultures and learning about their traditions or actually getting out and exploring-both far and near. Some of the recent places I have been and loved include India, Austria and France as well as all sorts of trips around Eastern Canada and Northeastern U.S. I have found that a love of travel and food go hand-in-hand. Often the best way to get to know another culture and people is by trying their food. At the dinner table, shopping at the local market or dining in an authentic restaurant is where much can be learned about a culture’s values, history and traditions.

Oh, I suppose I should mention that in addition to my love of exploring global cuisine I also have Celiac disease and therefore must follow a strictly gluten-free diet. I mention this last because to me it does not define nor limit my view on cooking or eating. Instead, I like to think of being gluten-free as a healthy bonus of my food journey. My goal in starting this blog is to prove that eating gluten-free does not mean that you cannot explore the many amazing cuisines and flavors the world has to offer!

I should also mention that I am by no means an expert or professional cook in any sense. On the contrary I am a simple learner with a strong curiosity to explore global gluten-free cuisine. I invite you to join me on this journey and learn together!


The idea of starting a blog has always been lurking in the back of my mind but never took form until now as I find myself in a transitional stage of life. I am a teacher by profession but am currently not working as I just moved from the U.S. (New Hampshire) to Canada (Montreal) to be with my husband. I am excited to finally explore the world of food blogging and look forward to the challenges and growth this opportunity will provide!

My husband is from Bangalore (South India) and through him I have learned much about the amazing world of Indian food-which really is its own “world” as there are so many regional cuisines and varying dishes. He is my fellow “foodie” and together we love to try new restaurants and recipes together. We often joke that a love of food is one of our biggest common bonds and a key factor in our relationship. I am also blessed with the BEST family including a mom who to this day will always have something freshly baked waiting on the counter whenever I go home. I also cannot be thankful enough for the amazing friends in my life, many of whom have shared countless meals and recipes with me over the years. Lastly I am thankful for YOU-thank you for your interest in joining me on this culinary journey of global gluten-free cuisine-I look forward to our time together!

Please feel free to stay in touch! Your comments, feedback and questions are all very much appreciated!

Email: globalglutenfree.net@gmail.com

All the best,